Little Guys Rabbitry

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Mini Rex

Our Mini-Rex rabbits are where we began our venture in showing and creating our standard of quality.  Each of our breeding rabbits were carefully selected for their genetic history based on color, showing results of ancestors, and general demeanor.  These rabbits are known for a wide array of color and as adults range in weight from 3 to 4 1/2 pounds. The Mini Rex is one of the few ARBA recognized rabbits to have tri colored fur.

These are our current Mini Rex breeding rabbits.  These ones are not available for sale.  For inquiries please refer to our Contact Info page.

Scooter (Doe)

Funky Bunny (Doe)

Honey (Doe)

Sassy (Doe)

Elvis (Buck)

Trixy (Doe)

Blueberry (Doe)

Cottontail (Doe)

Fuzzy (Buck)

Funny Bunny (Buck)

Prices for Mini-Rexes vary depending on color and sex.  Please e-mail or call for more info.  Pedigrees are available for an additional $5.